Effects Of Streetism On Children

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Introduction and Definition Streetism has become one of the commonest societal problems and a worry to world leaders especially those of the developing countries. Each passing day, when we drive on the major streets, we see quite a number of homeless people; young and old. It has become normal to find people living on the streets due to the increasing number especially children. Though, streetism especially in the case of children is a societal problem, it is hardly being spoken about. Day in, day out, we talk about issues affecting our children such as abuse, diseases, child pornography and domestic violence. The eradication of streetism will help in reducing the cases of domestic violence, child abuse, child pornography and the other issues we pay more attention. This is the reason why we decided to analyse the subject of streetism. Streetism can be defined as people especially children living homeless and doing menial jobs to gain income for a living (Barret, 2004). Christian Yaw Adinkra, a journalist also explains streetism as a result of increased urbanisation and the difficult socio-economic circumstances rural families are experiencing (Adinkra, 2011). Statistics pertaining streetism in Ghana and UK According to the 2009 Consortium for Street Children census of street children in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, it was recorded that there were: 21,140 street children,6000 street babies and 7,170 street ‘mothers’ under the age of 20.(Plan Ghana,2014). In an

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