Effects Of Stress In Banking

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Bankers are under a great deal of stress and due to many antecedents of stress such as Occupational Stress ,Role ambiguity, Role Conflict on work, under participation stressors, Role Overload, Intrinsic Impoverishment and Recent periodic events, Poor peer Relations among the employees, Group & Political Pressure in work environment in banking sector. This study examines the impact of stress and coping strategies in enhancing job satisfaction and employee’s performance in public sector banks. The study tests the relation of occupational stress and its impact and coping strategies in enhancing job satisfaction and employee performance by using sample size of 460, 435 and 420 responses were received from those three banks respectively
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Banking psychology addresses itself to the study of behavior in these specific domains of life, and to the application of pertinent information about human behavior to the solution of human problems in the Indian context. A recent report by political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC), Hongkong revealed that stress levels in Asia are on the rise.
The Human Aspects in Banking
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In the present study the researcher has made a comprehensive attempt in highlighting the correlates of occupational stress of banking personnel in India.
Literature Review
At Some point, most people encounter stressful events that can have a major impact on the course and direction of their lives. Stress has emerged as a thrust area in organizational behavior research. Stress research has been suffering with conceptual (Beeha & Newman, 1978), methodological (kahn,1981) and focus (Ivancevich and Mattson, 1980) Problems. However, work related stress is increasingly becoming a prominent field of research in recent years (Sinha & Sinha, 1977).
The Review of literature contained in the present chapter focuses on earlier research findings on job stress of banking personnel. The chapter specifically highlights research findings on topics related to job stress, Personality characteristics, Constraints of change, Role overload, Role conflict, Under-participation, Feeling of inequity, Job difficulty, Job requirement capability mismatch, Role authority, Role ambiguity, Group stressors, environment factors and Job satisfaction of Banking

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