Effects Of Stress In Nursing Essay

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In America, people all over the world deals with stress. Being a nurse is a stressful job. Being stress can be fatigue and even cause ill health for an individual. Stressing in the environment can cause employees to stressful situations causing difficult health, and safety problems not only for the nurses, but also for their patients. Many workers suffer from stress. It is important to identify why nurses are becoming stressed and how to reduce work related stress. The past 10 years there has been an increase in stress levels for nursing staff. In 2001 a survey was conducted by “American Nurses Association”. The study results showed that 70.5% of nurses cited the acute and chronic effects of stress and overwork among their top three health and safety…show more content…
That is when their body goes through changes and the nurses start to show signs of stress. The physical symptoms of stress are headaches, backaches, and tiredness and sleep problems. Which can lead to skin rashes, blurred vision, crying and most important can cause you to have a heart attack of stroke. In order to reduce the effects of stress, nurses should use stress management strategies. Not getting enough sleep and being stress can lead to more stress. It is important to have a solid sleep schedule and sticking with it. Reaching out and talking with family, friends, or colleagues. You should share what is going on in your life, or writing in a journal could help. Doing something that makes you feel good, such as going for a walk, drive, running, or even reading a book. Try and do at least one thing throughout the day that you enjoying doing even if you only have 15 minutes a day. Exercising on a regularly and having a fitness routine is an important factor in reducing stress. Reducing stress, will lead to better patient care, and increased work satisfaction for

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