Effects Of Stress In Nursing

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Nursing is a course and a profession which dictates and demands hard work from the students. Student nurses undergo a rigorous training regime in the Bachelor in Science of Nursing (BSN) course. The Philippine Commission on Higher Education stated in their CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) Number 14, Series of 2009, that a student nurse should be able to undergo 2, 346 Related Learning Experience Hours, and 540 laboratory hours in order to complete the 202 units at the end of the BSN Program. This is being followed by the College of Nursing of Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan.
According to Johnston (2009), mortality rates in hospitals decreased with the increase of nurses who graduated from BSN programs. It is really important for nurses to undergo such rigorous training. Nurses deal with lives in their profession. They are the first line of defense in the health care sector. Having so many hours of training ensures a competent nurse graduate. This will ensure that the nurses being sent to the field are able to care and preserve lives.
Stress results from how a person reacts to his environment and surroundings (Kohler et al, 2009). It can affect an individual’s performance of his activities of daily living – which includes his occupation. Stress can affect anyone – irrespective of age and occupation. (Lim et al, 2010) stated that “levels of stress are higher, and there are a greater number of sources of stress among health professionals, especially nurses, with negative

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