Effects Of Stress In Social Work

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2.1 Project As a professional social worker working in the field of human services, for almost ten years, it is important that the action research project addresses one of the most common and vital issues that has affected the researcher individually, as well as other social work professionals in their career. This common issue that all social workers face is stress. Keller et al. (2012) defines stress as situations where the environmental and internal demands outweigh the resources or support systems of an individual. Within the social work profession, there are times when work-place stress becomes very overwhelming, which can cause serious effects to the psychological, mental, and physical well-being of the individual. Steiber and Pichler (2015) states that it is vital to study this topic due to the correlation that stress has with the health of the worker, but also their organizational commitment. This study will focus on stress management within social work professionals. It will show how stress can affect the effectiveness of a social worker if it is not managed properly, by implementing effective coping skills and interventions to reduce work-place stress. 2.2 Contribution to Society 1. How does your project improve a current practice? A very important issue with experiencing high levels of stress within the work-place is that it can affect not only the individual, but also the clients that they are working with in the community. For example, Michailidis and Banks

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