Effects Of Stress In The Workplace

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Workplace stress and mental health are two commonly related issues. The definition of this topic is, according to (Buckley, 2016) as a harmful reaction that people have to undue pressures and demands placed on them at work. Stress in the workplace is quite common nowadays due to the loads that employer put on their worker, when the world is changing globally and competitions are getting bigger, employers usually first will force their workers to put in more effort in their jobs than rather to bring in more employees. Besides excessive workloads, the working environment can also results in workplace stress. For example bullying, sexual harassment, bad communication between staff and a lot more that can induce stress to the workers. Mental health will determine the amount of loads a person a can withstand before it turns to stress. Common consequences of mental health problems in the workplace are absenteeism, reduced in work performance, staff attitude and behaviour and bad relationship at work (Dr. F. Michelle, 2012) . The stress in a workplace can do a lot of damage to the person and also to the organization. When a person is stressed out, they tend to find the easiest way to distress. Usually, it will result in a very bad eating habits, as foods are considered by most people as the best and fastest way to calm the mind. Apart from that, the stress can also lead to more stress and depression in the workplace and the company which then contribute to the declination
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