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Workplace stress and mental health are two commonly related issues. The definition of this topic is, according to (Buckley, 2016) as a harmful reaction that people have to undue pressures and demands placed on them at work. Stress in the workplace is quite common nowadays due to the loads that employer put on their worker, when the world is changing globally and competitions are getting bigger, employers usually first will force their workers to put in more effort in their jobs than rather to bring in more employees. Besides excessive workloads, the working environment can also results in workplace stress. For example bullying, sexual harassment, bad communication between staff and a lot more that can induce stress to the workers. Mental health…show more content…
According to Stephanie (2013), severe eating disorder usually permeate in all aspects of a person daily lives. Anxiety and eating disorder such as binge eating disorder (BED) are usually found in tandem. Anxiety usually originate from stress and peer pressure in the workplace for employee which will affect their performance. When the employee experience anxiety, this will lead to emotional response to food, in a way that they may be using food to reward themselves and feel better. Sadly, this destructive cycle of anxiety and eating disorder will repeat itself. Fearing this will worsen their weight issues, they will go to refractory period regret which will escalate the feeling of anxiety. The way to overcome this issue is by doing some physical exercise at the workplace. Most white-collar worker spent most of their time being idle after their work is done with their bums glued to their seats. Sitting and doing nothing are not only unproductive but also unhealthy. An observational study conducted show the effect of physical activities in the workplace such as aerobic exercise and relaxation decreases anxiety among employees (Brown, 2011). In addition, Bhui and his colleague conducted a meta-review regarding a variety of interventions in the workplace (Bhui et al. 2012) and concluded that physical activity programmes may reduce…show more content…
According to Fernandez (2016), stress levels of worker are on the rise with about 53% of the global workforce reported that they are closer to burnout compared to five years ago. It is undeniable that too much of workplace stress contributes to burnout thus decrease in quality of work. Being organized enable employee to be efficient at all times despite having obstacle such as workplace stress. Reported by Borsheim (2012) that office workers waste about 40% of their workday on average due to poor organizing skills to cope with the increasing workloads and demands – Wall Street Journal. Being organized helps ones to simplifying the decision process. Technique to become organized would be to implement SMART goals which stand for specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (Miler, 2015). Able to allocate time slot for each goal helps employee to gain encouragement to achieve these goals. When workers able to delegate their work well, it helps the company in terms of improved performance and quality of their work. Given that you as the employee succeed in organizing your work,

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