Effects Of Stress On Employee Performance

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Executive summary
This dissertation focuses to evaluate the competition faced by an organisation in the business world resulting an increase in the level of stress on the employees to perform better in their job. It describes all the factors that contribute towards creating stress on employees and its impact of on both employees and an organisation in details. The concept of stress has been explained in a broader way to give an overview of the subject. To make the dissertation more effective and reliable JP Morgan from the banking sector has been critically examined. It analyse the kind of stress employees at JP Morgan had faced and what impact it had in the company productivity and an individual life.
The dissertation highlights on the
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It is not clear whether stress is the main cause behind ineffectiveness of employees. Stress has an impact on an individual attitudes and behaviours, taking negative form in the long run. A member of a team in a workplace having a stress passes on to another member of the team (Biron, Murray and Cooper, 2012). In this context, the dissertation revolves around the evaluation of different types of stress faced by employees in their workplace and its impact on them. The research also focuses on the different methods adopted by the organisations to solve the issues related to stress to increase its employee productivity. For critical analysis of the subject a Case study of JP Morgan has been…show more content…
Research Question
Research Question in the dissertation serves as a roadmap to carry the research work in the best possible way. It assists the researcher to attain their main objective for conducting the research work (Mitchell and Jolley, 2012). The research question of this research study is: What are the major impact of stress on employees’ life? This research question focuses on understanding the concept of stress in detail and its effect on an organisation employee.
1.6. Aims and Objective of Dissertation
The main aim of this dissertation is to identify the level of stress an organisation have and in what ways it affects the employees. The dissertation also highlights effective measures adopted by the organisations to control the varieties of problems created by stress in their employees life. Organistion performance has seen to be adversely affected by the high level of stress in their employees due to management pressure to bring excellence in their work.
The major objectives of this dissertation are as follows:
1. Understand the adverse impact of stress at work on the employees’ performance.
2. Identify role played by the stress management programs in eliminating the stress factors at work, and also the major factors that calls for immediate implementation of stress management

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