Effects Of Stress On Teens

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Stress and its effects on teens
Life always teaches us a new lesson, and we understand it in different ways, adults sometime were children and children someday will be adults. Everyday, teens go to school for about 6 or 7 hours, in which they have to face different situations, some are good, and some of them not really. They all learn something, which will help them in their future life, life doesn’t change at all, you are the one who changes, you are just realizing how is it, how can you handle it and live through it. All the teens might play games with their friends in the recess, study in class, do other stuff, and that is how it is supposed to be. But what many people have not realized yet, is that teens face stress, which is the way your body responds to any kind of demand, which could be seen in two different ways, in a good way and a bad one.

They experience hundreds of pressure weekly. To be specific, Homework and Schoolwork. One thing that youth have not understand yet, is the fact that even if teens want to excel in school, have a social life or play some kind of sport, education will not finish in High School, you have to work hard and everything that you do will impact in a certain way.

We can all recognize when there is a stressful situation, or even if we are stressed, and we have to deal with it, not for only a few minutes, even hours, of even days. What really happens when you are stressed is that your body shows some kind of signs of stress in two ways:

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