Effects Of Student Cheating In Universities

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Student cheating on university and college campuses
Study at university is one of the main steps before independent adulthood. Hundreds of people annually come to higher educational institutions. However, not each person understands gravity of the choice. First of all, in the course of studying at university students want to be created as the personality, and upon termination of training – as the expert in the profession that then it wasn 't a shame to either parents, or teachers with them. In addition, it would be desirable to place valuable priorities, learn to be guided more widely in world around, completely realize the role and mission in life, to learn better to interact with surrounding people, to be accustomed to self-improvement. For successful graduation student has to have the following personal qualities: motivation, self-organization, assiduity, flexibility of thinking, concentration. But nowadays, these qualities. But in the last years these qualities lead students to irreversible consequences and desperate actions, such as student cheating.
What do I mean by the term student cheating at universities? Now we had faced two major fundamental problems: plagiarism in student works and cheating in exams. Modern students became too lazy and advanced in passing exam system, passive in student works and unable to express their point of view. Students try to do everything to pass exam, but not try to study. Nowadays it is normal to steal answers for questions in exam,

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