Effects Of Tawfik Ethical Decision Making

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THE EFFECTS OF TAWFIK ON ETHICAL DECISION MAKING PROCESS: THE CASE OF MICRO AND SMALL BUSINESSES IN MALAYSIA This paper examines the effects of tawfik or the will and ability to carry out something in ethical decision making process. Decision making requires art and science in the process to understand issues or problems, consequences of the decisions to the relevant stakeholders, methodology to execute the decisions, and evaluation on the decisions. The study interviewed 10 owners and decision makers of micro and small businesses in Malaysia to solicit their views pertaining to the effects on the will and ability (tawfik) in their decision making process. The informants were personally interviewed with note taking approach within 20-30 minutes…show more content…
Sometimes they decided for 'short cut' instead of the long-winded and difficult actions. Some informants argued that sometimes they performed special prayers and making supplications for clueless and too difficult issues, problems and cases. As Muslims, they performed and steadfast with obligatory prayers and other recommended deeds. The informants realized the importance of obtaining tawfik from Allah not only in critical situations but also in all situations. The results of the study are very contextualized and contributed to the insights and understanding of the effects of tawfik in ethical decision making process within the context of selected micro and small businesses in Malaysia. The immediate implications to the theory is in the ethical decision making theory from the Islamic perspectives. In terms of practical implications, the findings of the study can be used as input for micro and small businesses to formulate guidelines in decision making process. The study recommends the future study should expand…show more content…
My customers said my shop is like Bin Dawood supermarket in Makkah and Madinah. I like that remarks. My decision way is based on my imagination how many customers and how much money that I can make.? MSB 4 said that he practiced his religious belief into his work. ?I am Muslim, my faith is always with me. It is part of me already. I know in the Hereafter, I have to answer to Allah. Since it is part of me, it is there. If you consider that as a model, then it is a model. To me, it is very simple to be Muslim, just follow all the teachings of Islam. In small business, the income is not fixed. There can be income for some days, and no income at all. It is up and down. You have to do something, by making efforts. Making efforts here include perform prayers.? MSB 5 agreed to have faith in decision making. He said: ?we have to depend on Allah for everything. In business, like this business, we have to obey Allah and firmly believe in it, Allah makes our business in good shape. This is a small business. We have to work very hard for every earning. We cannot allow earning non halal way. Some people did mislead their customers for quick profit. When customers got cheated, they will not come again. So, the business closed down. Actually, when you do your business in a correct way, you will get some profit. Of course, it is

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