Effects Of Technology

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In this modern era where technology is used on a daily basis by basically everyone, it would be a wonder if you would stumble to a place where you would see people not using their hand-phones and gadgets such as villages and remote places. Technology has helped mankind in many fields and sectors such as communication, health, economy and many others. However, technology has also caused many problems to mankind as well. There are many effects of technology, both good and bad, ranging from limitless communication to social problems. There are many benefits of technology for mankind. Among the benefits of technology for mankind is improvement in communication. Looking back, in history, communication between people was very slow with methods…show more content…
Among the negative effects of technology are health problems such as radiation from hand-phones, back and neck pain due to prolonged use of computers, obesity, hearing losses from headphones and earphones. Due to the fact that even young children at the age of 2 uses hand-phones, the radiation emitted from the hand-phones may retard the growth of these children as the usage of hand-phones emit some radiation that can be absorbed by the user. Obesity is also another health issue caused by technology. People who spend most of their time on hand-phones, computers and televisions mostly do not spend their time exercising and keeping fit, leading to health problems such as obesity. Besides health problems, social problems are also a major issue contributed by technology. Due to applications such as Whatsapp and Facebook, most people prefer to make a conversation online instead of face-to-face communication hence reducing their social skills. These people would also lose their abilities to read body languages and social cues in other people. Besides that, students in schools and colleges would have their studies affected due to constant hand-phone usage for texting, games and other useless…show more content…
Factories with the latest technologies produce a lot of waste materials especially factories involved in the production of chemicals. Irresponsible factory owners and workers normally dump the waste into the wrong places such as rivers and streams, hence causing water pollution. Technology has made us more dependent on it, without technology humans will technically become disabled as they rely too heavily on technology. Due to the advances of technology, many people in the agricultural sectors will lose their jobs as the plantation or field owners will rely more on technology, hence the number of workers and the loss of jobs. In conclusion, we cannot say that technology is something bad as it has contributed greatly towards the advances of mankind. Technology has made our lives easier in different aspects of life however we cannot take technology for granted as well. In using technology, mankind should maximize the usage of technology for its benefits and avoid the negative effects of technology. Technology is something wonderful as it has helped mankind in many ways so we should continue to advance as a species using technology but at the same time, we should regulate the use of technology to reduce the negative effects of
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