Effects Of Technology On Face To Face Communication

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Technology Affect on Face to Face Communication Will technology also replace our emotions? It’s common to see a teenager expresses her emotions through WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter instead of real facial expressions. Modern technology is controlling our life, it changed even the way we communicate. In the past, people used to live normal life, they communicated face to face, they used words and actions to tell their ideas, and they did not have technology to express their emotions. So, they knew well how to replay, how to read face expressions and body language. However, technology in the modern age provided many new tools for the communication such as: mobile phones, social media, emails, chatting websites, and other communication tools. It provides alternatives for the real expressions such as emotional symbols and faces that express our feelings of anger, love, sadness, and happiness (Bryan Kramer, 2015). Modern technology actually provided great communication solutions. Nevertheless, it improved our life from side and made worse on other side. Most of people are not aware of the dark side of modern technology. However, this paper argues that although technological advancements improved communication tools, they made face to face communication worse, they distorted social interaction, made us emotionally dull, and made new generation unable to express or read basic human feelings. However, some critics may argue that modern technological advancements
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