Effects Of Technology On Teenagers

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Since technology has evolved, it has affected teenagers worldwide. Back in the old days, people did not have any kind of technology. Several elders today look down on teenagers because they feel as if teens are too involved in their phones. This gave teenagers a harder time of making new friends and staying in touch. Contrary to popular belief, technology, such as smartphones and computers, does not make teenagers less social. Technology helps being social locally, nationally, and globally. Not only do cell phones and computers give people the chance to be social, but they also allow teens to get educational support from others. Technology is a blessing to have nowadays because it allows teens to talk to others much easier. Many people today feel as if technology is making teens less sociable. Teenagers do not speak to people face-to-face anymore. Instead of speaking face-to-face, they text, snapchat, or DM each other. Young adolescents feel as if technology interactment is better and easier than in person. They feel this way because they do not have to face criticism without the technology browser. Now, social media—many young adults sit on social media for hours, and block out the real world around them. Teenagers miss out on real-life situations and conversations because they are too busy sending out a text. While many people think that technology is making teenagers less social, that is not the fact. Locally, teenagers are able to make more friends, therefore being
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