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Good morning to each and everyone of you. Today , I am going to discuss about the effects of technology to the youth. First of all , what is technology?. According to Wikipedia , technology is the collection of techniques , skills , methods , and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives , such as scientific investigation. The technology makes our chores much easier at home , in school , and in the office. There are bad effects of technology in our lives , like technology keeps us isolated , lack of communication skill , addiction , lack of sleep , obesity , cyber bullying , lack of privacy , distraction , and loss of hearing and eyesight. In the other hand , there are also positive effects of technology , like technology helps us in our studies , technology serves as a connection to our loved ones who are far away from us. Nowadays, many teenagers are addicted to technology especially into playing computer games. Playing computer games can affect a person’s mind , because the person had fantasies about what he/she is playing. Computer games is hard to stop especially if it is just around the corner…show more content…
It helps us in our studies.Through , searching our assignments on the internet. We don’t need to scan the books to find the answers. But for me , books are more reliable source than to the internet. The technology helps us in our chores at home. For example , the washing machine. Just put water and powder on it and then your clothes. The washing machine will be the one to wash and wring your clothes for you. The vacuum cleaner also makes our works easier. It will just suck the dust and dirt of your carpet or rugs. Technology keeps us connected to our loved ones. Through applications that are installed on our phones , we are able to message and see them eventhough they are outside of the

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