Effects Of Teen Pregnancy

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“3 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year’’(Kathryn and Henshaw).Teen pregnancy affects the emotional and socio-economic aspect, causes psychological stress, and has short- and long- term effects. Teen pregnancy has an emotional effect on the mom. Family hostility may make it difficult to cope with expecting a child. “A pregnant teen with parents may have a hard time accepting the pregnancy, which may cause her to have guilt because of disappointment. The hostility may cause her to feel unable to be taken care of and may look at harming herself and or the baby as a outlet”(Bhadra). Due to lack of support, a pregnant teen may feel helpless. “ In hostile environments, a teen may have low self-esteem, which may keep her from seeking medical attention. To ignore her surroundings, she might find comfort in harmful tactics”(Bhadra). The consequences and process of a pregnancy can cause depression. “When a teen is pregnant, concerns may be high. The lack of experience of being a mother and expectations that need to be met may be a huge burden to carry. Most likely Teens do not plan to get pregnant when they engage in sexual behavior. Once finding out they are pregnant, she discovers the possible downside. The unaware process leads them to not care for themselves, nor the baby and become dependent on bad habits such as smoking drinking and self harming to escape the depression’’(Bhadra).

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