Effects Of Teenage Parenthood

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Teenage parenthood may have detrimental consequences on the psychosocial complexities of our society.

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A society that is just and humane is, at its core based, on the idealism that each individual is a unique being with the right to gratification of their basic human needs (Johansen, 2012). In a perfec t world, a just and humane society will enable all citizens to freely convey how they feel and think about topics such as teenage parenthood. The catch however, is to still protect the rights of all parties involved.
According to A. E. Fink a just and humane society is characterised as a child-caring unit. This however, raises the question what should
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Aspects such as poverty, poor education, low socioeconomic status due to social exclusion, vocational repercussions, and strain on our already struggling healthcare system are but a few dimensions that are affected by teenage parenthood.
Liberatory psychological aspects of a society should include values such as empathy and sympathy. When we take these core values into consideration, in theory, a teenage parent should not be shunned from our society, but rather supported. These parents should be encouraged not to shy away from the community but rather feel able to ask for assistance.
In an attempt to align the values of community psychology (these include addressing both the mental and physical welfare of individuals, the advancement of healthcare at all sectors, and reduction of incompetence regarding treatment of psychological traumas) with our view that teenage parents should be supported, it is critical to look at the hazardous effects it may have (Visser & Moleko,
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Teenage parenthood in South Africa is a growing psychosocial issue that may have insidious effects on our country if we do not band together as a nation to address this.
Teenage parenthood has been linked to lower educational and vocational outcomes. The National Campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy found that a shocking 38% of teenage girls who give birth to a child while they are still in school, will only complete their high school education by the age of 22 years (Vittana,

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