Effects Of Terrorism Essay

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Terrorism can be defined as the unlawful activity and use of violence to create fear among people in the pursuit of political aims. Terrorism occurs because people are upset about political or social situations. They use it to make people afraid. It is a way for terrorist groups to harm other people when they have little or no other weapons. Religious reasons can be another reason that leads to terrorism happens. The effects of terrorism include the deaths injuries and psychological trauma of the immediate victims long and short term impact on the economy of the attacked country and enhanced intelligence and military activities to deter future attacks. Human Development Index: Human Development Index (commonly abbreviated HDI) is…show more content…
Research tells us that illiterate and ignorant people can be easily manipulated by the terrorists. Many people used for suicide bombing and terrorist attacks are manipulated and convinced by the terrorist organizations in their own way. Pakistan's current literacy rate is 57.9% which are easy to fall in the hands of terrorist organizations. When people are deprived of their basic rights and basic standard of living rebellion attitude take place which further leads to…show more content…
Illiteracy economic instability and low level of development are the major concerns of Pakistan. Tribal areas that border onto Afghanistan is the main reason pointed out by Us government as a reason for terrorism in Pakistan. Pakistan, which was ranked at 146 out of a total 187 countries on the index, scored 0.537 points on HDI. Pakistan government should make policies which root out poverty from the country and work on the education system of the country try to overcome political instability from the country these are the things by which government can improve their HDI level and thus can counter

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