Effects Of The Bessemer Process

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The Bessemer process was the first inexpensive industrial process for mass production of steel from molten pig iron “Bessemer Process”. The effect of the Bessemer process on the American Industry was unreal. It was something people have never seen or experienced before. There were many effects of the Bessemer process, one of them being manufacturing. Manufacturing this process was easy to make and inexpensive. Another, effect of the Bessemer process was that there were many new uses of steel that affected the modern world. Also, there were many more jobs created because of the Bessemer process. Manufacturing the Bessemer process was easy because of the converter. The converter was a machine that converts iron to steel by a blast of air in…show more content…
Because of this process the landscapes of cities have changed “Process made World”. In major “cities” there are buildings that were made out of steel in the 20’s and 30’s. An example is the Merchandise Mart located in Chicago, Illinois. In addition, many other buildings that were built at that time are still intact to this day. People choose to build things out of steel because it is very durable and strong unlike iron. Steel is durable because it lasts for a long time so you do not have to worry about it rusting. Steel is also strong because it can hold a lot of weight. Because of the durability and strongness of steel the invention of skyscrapers were starting to appear. Steel is strong enough to be used for building structures and big projects. Although steel was used with big tasks it is also used in small items that people use in their everyday life. Many appliances are made out of steel such as fridges, dishwashers, ovens etc. Steel is also used in cars, shower trays in bathrooms, pots and pans, and…show more content…
One job was building structures for buildings. Men would work on tall, dangerous buildings in order to build things. The Bessemer process made this job possible because of how much steel was produced. Although, this job in particular could potentially be very scary, if you made one wrong step you could fall off the building. Another job created was a blacksmith, using steel they made many tools that are very handy and useful. For example, a hammer; this tool is something that may come to use once a in a while or everyday either way it is very useful because of steel. Another job that was created was someone who made railroad tracks. Steel was very beneficial to railroad tracks because it was safer and more stable than what was used before. The Bessemer process made trains less likely to fall off the tracks since it was more

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