Decolonization Of Africa Essay

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The Decolonization of Africa

World War 2 affected Africa because the Colonial Government wanted to prepare Africa in which they would help them for the future in self-governing. This wasn’t the case for all tho some still believed that they weren’t prepared for this. In which this made a big impact on Africa because beforehand they were a freed country in which no one was in control of them. The Decolonization of Africa played a major role in the Cold War because it involved European affair and United States, in which they were being controlled and this led to internal problems in Africa with the Government.

The Decolonization of Africa was a big issue that led to the Cold War because of European affairs.The Europeans believed that Africa wasn’t ready to be able to self-govern due to the lack
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This is shown in which their “first prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the congo...was assassinated a short time later”(Cordell and Immanuel,2016). Although, this happened Lumumba was much respected in which the MNC didn’t want to participate in the talk unless Lumumba was with them and this didn’t seem reasonable at first because he was in prison, but upon their demand he was released and flown to Brussel. Another example in which he is being respected is when he appealed to the Soviet Union for help and asked the independent African states to unite their efforts behind him. This all shows he was respected because if others didn’t respect him then they would have denied his request and the fact that he was looked up to as a leader. While on the other side some people feared him because “Lumumba was a man of strong character who intended to pursue his policies, regardless of the enemies he made within his country or abroad” (Cordell and Immanuel,2016). In addition to this the immense support Lumumba had from the Soviet Union appeared as a threat to
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