Effects Of The Haitian Revolution

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Hajira Qureshi
Mr. Waleed Zahid
Haitian Revolution
3rd March 2018
(To what extent were the lives of former slaves changed by the Haitian Revolution?)

Blacks Lives Matter

Haitian Revolution, a slave rebellion which occured in 1791 due to excessive slavery and colonialism. This revolution took place in present-day Haiti which then was known as Saint-Domingue, a French colony. Haiti still has a black majority of 95% since there were over 500,000 slaves in Haiti at that time. This revolution lasted for 12 years, starting in 1791 and ending in 1803. The Haitian Revolution greatly brought out social and economic changes in various ways, but the biggest impact it made, was in the lives of the slaves. There lives had GREATLY been influenced and their daily work had now become less harsher and more livable and practical.

Although Haiti won their side of the revolution, hardships were still being faced. Like for example, their economy was going through a major downfall which occurred due to their crash in “agricultural production of coffee, spices, indigo and sugar.” Problems in the nature of these, didn’t just go away, they took effort and time. Speaking of time, which was very limited during the revolution, many resources were wasted which made it very hard for the Haitians to survive.

The lives of slaves were hugely impacted after the revolution as slavery was abolished entirely in the nation. Haiti was the second country in the whole world to be freed from a European power

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