Effects Of The Internet On New Generation

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The internet's impact on new generation's intelligence:
An exploration of the negative implications on the brain A Research Paper

Has the internet become involved in our daily lives? What are the negative implications associated with the overuse of the internet? What are the internet effects on the new generation health? The following research paper answers all these questions and deals with the aspects behind the over usage of the internet and it's drawbacks. It attributes such phenomena to a number of social, psychological and physical factors. First, the paper validate that the overuse of the internet and due to the exposure of negative radiation from the screen could lead to serious ends. The researcher has analyzed a number
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We routinely turn to the internet to assist us with the informational demands of our current modernized lifestyle. The internet basically provides us with an outlet for research, an opportunity to dig deeper into topics for further information, and to visualize things. As the internet becomes increasingly intertwined within our daily lifestyles, we must ask, what are the consequences of our increased involvement? Is the internet affecting our intelligence as a new generation? Although access to the internet has allowed society to gain knowledge and increase productivity, it is hindering our ability to analyze topics, deliberate and critically think. As the internet continues to become further involved within our daily lifestyles, it is negatively shaping the way we are processing and interpreting information. Essentially, the way we are currently using the internet is reducing our desire to think, do things manually and spend more time gathering…show more content…
As a new generation, our critical thinking is declining in comparison to that of the past generations. As the internet is always available everywhere, the new generation use the internet to find solutions to difficult questions and to collect information online rather than analyzing topics and critically thinking on our own. Columbia University psychology professor Betsy Sparrow and her team conducted a series of experiments and found that people go to the internet to get answers to questions, are less likely to commit information to memory, compared to those who don’t. When we're constantly distracted and interrupted, as we tend to be looking at the screens of our computers and mobile phones, our brains cant to forge the strong and expansive neural connections that give distinctiveness and depth to our thinking our thoughts becomes disjointed and our memories weak (Carr). The second effect that caused by the internet is changes in the brain structures. The over usage of internet can cause short term attention spans and declining in concentration and memory. The radiations that come out from the screen affect our brain structure specifically the grey matter. Scientists discovered signs of altrophy of grey matter in the brains of heavy internet users that grew worse

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