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Environment Effect The environment affects how people will behave in a specific situation. They can act like a different person because of the physical condition they are in and how it makes them feel. In The Pigman, by Paul Zindel, John changes his personality when he is placed in different scenarios. John acts differently when he is in school than when he is out of school. In school, John doesn 't care about of his grades and usually does not do his homework. He does pranks such as setting off pocket-sized bombs in the bathroom to gain attention to himself. He could care less about what he is learning at school. The first few sentences of the book are, “I used to really hate school when I first started at Franklin High. I hated it so much the first year they called me the Bathroom Bomber. Other kids got elected G.O. President and class secretary and lab-squad captain, but I got elected the Bathroom Bomber” (Zindel 1). He says “hate” multiple times to emphasize how much he truly dislikes school. It gives the reader a negative connotation with his experiences of school. He is nicknamed and…show more content…
People have an urge to be a different person depending on whom they are with and where they are. These variables affect how they behave because they want to have a different reputation based off of their environment. They would be more mature when they are with someone else that they respect and think of being greater than they would be more mature. If someone is with people than they feel does not have as much respect for someone, then he would be childish and let loose due to that they do not think highly of this/these people. Everyone has differnt amounts of respect for differnt people and this is a factor of how they interact with them. The location also affects them because the place can bring back memories and they can have a positive or

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