Effects Of The Progressive Era

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Thesis: In the progressive era there were many new ideas enacted by the government. These ideas changed many things about the way that America operated and were very effective at bringing reform at a national level. The progressive movement is one of the most influential movements in American history and has brought effective change all the way up until today.

Contextualization: The progressive movement was an attempt at fixing many of the things that was plaguing the American society after industrialism had taken the entire country of the United States of America by storm. Some of the things that had occured from industrialization in America was the uncleanliness of food in cities, child labor, racism, immigration, and political corruption
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The muckrakers played a large part in exposing the true issues that were going on in American cities. In books such as The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, he describes poor food conditions as are described in Document B. The journalism done by muckrakers played a key role in the creation of the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act, which prohibited the sale of food that was mislabeled and that conditions in meatpacking plants are up to code. Another part of new ideas presented during the progressive era was the idea that child labor was wrong and immoral. As mentioned in document C it was a well accepted fact that many children were going to work in a factory and they would try to make the argument that it was not harmful for the children. The National Child Labor Committee was a group that was trying to create reform and make it so that there were laws strictly prohibiting child labor. The ideas that were brought up by the National Child Labor Committee were later enacted upon with the creation of the Federal Child Labor Law. Stopping the big businesses from taking advantage of people is a common progressive idea. Theodore Roosevelt was a big player in making sure that people would not be taken advantage of. What he was able to do, as shown in Document A, was destroy the Bad Trusts that were created by big businesses and he was also able to restrain the good trusts as to make sure that…show more content…
I gave more power to the people and made it so that big corporations could not control everyone. The Wisconsin Idea is a key example of giving more power to the people and this idea relates all the way back to the creation of the Declaration of Independence. Although when the Declaration was created all people did not have the same amount of rights as they did during the progressive era the ideas are still the same. The Wisconsin Idea wanted to step away from overbearing big business control and the Declaration of Independence was used to separate from the overbearing control of England. Both of these Acts gave more power to the people and they were not made to support a greater
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