Effects Of The Salem Witch Trials And Public Scares

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Millions upon millions of innocent people have been killed due to unjust reasons. Across the world multiple groups of people have been executed, tortured, or arrested for reasons like racism, sexism, ageism, and hating against one's religion. Some of the mass executions and public scares went on for a couple months however others lasted years. Most of them lasted until someone did not agree with what executioners were doing. Some examples of mass executions and public scares were the Salem Witch Trials, The Holocaust, The Great Purge, and the after effect of the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The Salem Witch Trials started around 1692 where many villagers started to accuse young women of being witches. It started off as a mere rumor but soon became serious when word spread. If any villager felt like they knew someone who was a witch they were able to report them to the local authorities and begin a trial. “The very first victim of the witch trials was Bridget Bishop . . . she was accused of not living a “Puritan lifestyle” because she wore black clothing and costumes against the group code, her coat had been oddly cut or torn in two ways, and her behavior was immoral”(pg.1). Bishop was being accused of being a witch simply because of the clothes she wore and how she acted, but there is no real evidence that she was a witch because…show more content…
Dictator Stalin ordered to execute anyone that opposed him. Him and his secret police raided houses and killed and tortured many who were being accused of going against him. Many had to confess for crimes they did not commit due to torture. He eve executed his own party officials and leaders which lead to fear across the country. People were dying for simply not agreeing or not acting a certain way. Everything was controlled and having an opinion was not allowed unless it was a good one about Stalin. Research says about “an average of 1,000 executions happened in a
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