Slavery: The Rise Of The Triangular Trade

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By the late 16th to the early 19th centuries slavery was taking place. Slaves were not being sold to different countries until The triangular trade broke out. Slaves were sent to different colonies to farm. The Triangular trade was a repeated system for trading and selling items. The trading system was used to trade manufactured. They traded from Europe to africa to america. Why do we call it the “Triangular trade”? The name “Triangular trade” came from the form of the trading routes. From Europe to Africa to America the trading routes made a triangular shape. “This was the name given to the trading route used by European merchants who exchanged goods with Africans for slaves, shipped the slaves to the Americas, sold them and brought
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It was also the only way back then to make good money. The Triangular trade also increased our land populations. It increased our land populations because with all of the natural items they reserved, we now upgraded them. Sugar was a very important trade. It was important because it is used in our daily lives today. We are very thankful that it was traded. “Sugar was often in liquid form, from the Caribbean it was traded to Europe where it was distilled into rum. The profits from the sale of sugar were used to purchase manufactured goods, which were then shipped to West Africa, where they were bartered for slaves” (Triangular trade). Another supply that impact us today is cotton. When the colonies were able to start shipping cotton everyone was able to make clothing, furniture, shoes, etc. Today in our daily lives we use cotton to create items that we can sell and make a living out of. Shipping also impacted us. You might as how. When people were shipping from Africa to America to Europe they were considered working. So they earned jobs and now today we have shipping around the world. Although all of these impacts were positive , there were also a couple of negative impacts that we look back on today. One of the negative impacts was of course slavery. Slaves were forced over sea so they could work for africans and americans. This slave trade did come to an end in january 1807. Although trading around the world didn't end officially slave trade has ended and so has harsh slaves.

Slaves were forced over sea so they could work for africans and americans. Thisj
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