Effects Of The Watergate Scandal

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8th Research Paper March 29, 2017 “Effects of the Watergate Scandal”
A scandal erupted during Nixon 's Presidency known as the Watergate, Nixon Scandal. To attain information about the Democratic Party 's campaign plans for the next term, Nixon had sent plumbers to insert bugs in the Democratic National Committee headquarters, which would end up causing a scandal that would affect the American public. At first, Nixon refused to give in tapes of his conversations, but printed versions of the rephrased tapes were later disclosed by Nixon, although filled with deceptions. After it ruled that the genuine tapes must be released to the Supreme Court, important evidence was able to be revealed that proved Nixon was guilty. How did the…show more content…
Political and law reforms were made because of the Watergate, Nixon Scandal. To heal America from the Watergate, Nixon Scandal, the legislative branch made a series of laws to fix the corruption of the government (Stencel). Congress produced and passed many laws to limit abuse of power which was revealed in the Watergate, Nixon Scandal. These laws included laws to restrict campaigning such as a limit in finance for campaigning and laws to gain the trust of the public. For the Judicial Branch to conduct research of crimes easier, Congress had the power to appoint a prosecutor. More limits were put on the president. The Congressional Budget Office was an attempt by Congress to stop the President from confiscating funds without the permission from Congress. Congress passed the Freedom of Information Act. Its purpose was to give the public more power in the government. This Act lets the people of America implore Congress to publicize documents from the government, and it was to detain the government from holding important, secret documents ("Restraining the Imperial”). Congress passed a law whose goal was to check the power of the president. The US Attorney 's General had always had the authority to prosecute high officials if they performed any illegal activity. It restricted reasons on which the President could…show more content…
To gain faith back from the public, Congress had placed many restrictions on the government, based on the public’s opinion. The Watergate, Nixon Scandal affected America greatly. It led to the first time President of the United States of America had ever resigned. After Ford 's pardoning, it caused the nation to be conflicted. People lost confidence in their own government because of the thought that future Presidents may take advantage of their own power, just like Richard Nixon did. Lastly, it resulted in many reformations in the government to restrict the government for abusing its power. While the Watergate, Nixon Scandal was over forty years ago, it still has an
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