Effects Of The Westward Expansion

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The Westward expansion the USA started was very successful for gaining land. The expansion was a movement lead by the US to expand there country to the west. It was an awful experience for the natives it affected their population in a very negative way by taking there land and sometimes killing them. Was the US really in the wrong or was this young growing country just doing what was right for there people. The USA was way out of line when dealing with the native tribes by overlooking there treaty 's and not giving them a chance to speak. The USA was unfair the natives they just forced them out of there land without a true agreement. in the letter from Chief John Ross they were protesting against the treaty of New Echota and were saying it…show more content…
In Jacksons message to congress on Indian removal. He stats multiple times that the natives are benefiting and happy with being removed. "It will relieve the whole state of Mississippi and the western part of wealth, and power. It will separate the Indians from immediate contact with settlements of whites; free them from the power of the states; enable them to pursue happiness in their own way and under their own rude institutions." Jackson is basically lying saying it will enable them to pursue happiness in their own way but the natives didn’t get there own way since the US signed the treaty of New Echota that took away the land. The natives were constantly fighting back against there removal. In the Cherokee letter protesting the treaty the stated, "The instrument in question is not the act of our nation; we are not parties to its covenants; it has not received the sanction of our people." So saying it will enable them in their own way is a complete lie the government was using to make it sound like the Indian removal act was a good thing. The US never got the ok from the natives to give up the…show more content…
What the USA physically did to the natives was downright inhumane. In A Soldier recalls the Trail of Tears the soldiers were way to harsh on the natives. "The Only trouble I had with anybody on the entire journey to the west was a brutal teamster by the name of Ben McDonal, who was using his whip on a old feeble Cherokee to hasten him into the wagon." They were treating the natives like slaves whipping anybody especially old people is unacceptable. Did the public no this was happening? No because the president was saying it was a good thing he never shows the public how bad they had it. It doesn’t stop there. Natives had there houses burnt down and children ripped form their hands. Who can defend that this was right to do. These natives were completely defenseless there was no need to do this. The natives never agreed to leave their land they got forced out. The US government was way out of line. This is one of the darkest hours for the US and should be remembered so it doesn 't get

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