Effects Of Too Much Homework Essay

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According to the study done by the Journal of Experimental Education, less than one percent of the students they questioned said that homework was not a stressor, while 73 percent indicated homework is a primary cause of stress. Research tells that the three primary effects of having too much homework include: stress, health consequences, and engagement issues. Readers will benefit from this essay because they will soon know the problems caused by too much homework, they will also get an idea of why teachers and staff are hesitant to change the amount of homework they are currently giving. Too much homework can do serious damage to the children and teenagers we would do anything to protect
Too much homework can give kids stress that is anything
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“The voices of these students reflect a primary challenge faced by many in our study: if students have several hours of homework per night, how can they find time for other endeavors in their lives (including extracurricular activities, leisure, and social time)?” Another quote that shows this is from Journal of Experimental Education. “One questioned, ‘Most people have no social life because of all the homework they do; how is that helping them in the real world?” Teachers don’t seem to teach students that there’s more to life than hours of homework a night. This is not healthy nor is it going to help them when they need to live on their own if they have no time to interact with people outside of school. Another student described her homework load as “plenty manageable… If I never try to do anything else!” These students are not meeting their development needs or cultivating other critical life skills. While it is true that, “three to four hours of homework a night is giving kids achievements in science, and math classes,” students should also be trying to maintain their identity, soul, and sanity! Because of this, it seems two hours of homework, or less, is the right amount for
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