Effects Of Totalitarianism In The Crucible

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Why Did Arthur Miller Write The Crucible Does the world ever learn from its mistakes? Is history doomed to repeat itself, consistently making the same mistakes? Arthur Miller would most likely believe so. Miller’s works mainly focused on moral corruption in society, he believed that he was responsible for discussing the issues and exposing the truth behind them (“Arthur Miller” 1). Arthur Miller was one of the many people accused of communism during the Red Scare, being called before the HUAC (“Arthur Miller” 11)Because of the many similarities shown when comparing The Crucible and the events of the Red Scare, I believe Arthur Miller wrote his play to shine a light on the ridiculousness and true reality of the events that occured. Firstly, the Red Scare was a time where the United States was extremely divided, both socially and politically, and citizens were terrified about communists spreading their ideas of communism (Foster 2). This pandamonium stemmed from ideas of McCarthyism, strong anti-communist values (Goodman 1). McCarthyism, to some, was believed to resemble totalitarianism due to “the demagoguery, smear campaigns, informers, purges of the civil service and education system; the blacklisting of writers, artists, and entertainers; and incidents of book-burning” (Goodman 1) that both had in common (Goodman 1). To combat the spread of communism and to calm the overall panic people had at the time, the government created the House Committee of Un-American Activities
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