Effects Of Tourism Essay

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To achieve sustainable economic growth Sri Lankan Government has already recognized “Tourism” as a priority sector. Nevertheless, mass tourism has its own negative effects such as environmental and socio-cultural degradation. Various forms of alternative or sustainable tourism such includes, ‘nature-based tourism’, ‘ecotourism’ and ‘cultural tourism’. As an outcome of increased global awareness on environmental issues, tourists are increasingly becoming environmentally oriented. In this background, ecotourism can be and alternative form of tourism that promises to minimize negative impacts of mass tourism while providing sustainable income to communities. According to Ceballos-Lascurain ecotourism is "environmentally responsible travel and…show more content…
Community members of Sri Lanka will be involved at all stages of the process, empowering them while encouraging travelers to their local areas. This will generate jobs locally, decreasing the requirement for young people to leave home in search for work in the cities. Nearly everyone in the villages of Sri Lanka can be involved by working as guides, selling crafts, providing food and accommodation, or taking part in cultural performances. Ecotourism also brings an improved standard of living through improved facilities, such as clinics, drinkable water sources, new roads and electricity. Small-scale ecotourism projects are relatively cheap to set up. Ecotourism will help to create a better appreciation of Sri Lanka’s natural resources, such as landscapes, wildlife. Eco tourism will stimulate desire to protect the natural environment through the creation of national parks, wildlife preserves and marine parks in Sri Lanka. Eco tourists have much greater relations with local people than traditional tourists who barely go out of their luxurious hotels. Eco-lodges will allow tourist to experience local lifestyles and customs first-hand, and this interest will help to preserve Sri Lanka’s
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