Effects Of Tourism In The Philippines

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Introduction The tourism industry is one of the broadest and fastest growing industries and one of the biggest contributors in terms of source of foreign exchange earnings and employment. The industry is one of the drivers of economic growth of many countries because of the revenue created by the expenditure of goods and services of tourists particularly for the developing countries. To boost its tourism industry, the Philippines intensified its campaign and made some bilateral agreements with some Asian countries to give way to a visa-free entry (it’smorefuninthephilippines). Some countries require visas for foreign nationals to enter, but the Philippines opened itself to 151 countries, aside from the neighboring Asian nations or members of ASEAN community to enter without visa, but is restricted to a certain number of days of stay (2012, Philippine Consulate) The researchers would like to identify the implications of visa policies and determine how the visa restriction policies affect the arrivals of tourists from India to the Philippines and how it impedes the tourism industry. Furthermore, the researchers would like to discover the effects of the visa restriction policies as to the influx of visitors – to see and asses its harm or benefit or advantage or disadvantage of such. In the future, this would help provide information regarding the effects of visa restriction policies in terms of impediment and reduction of tourists in the Philippines. Background of the Study
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