Unemployment In Cyclical

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Unemployment occurs when a person who is actively seeking for work is unable to find work. The measurement of unemployment is unemployment rate. Unemployment rate is the percentage of the labour force that is unemployed. Unemployment rate is often use to measure the health of the economy. There are 3 types of unemployment which are frictional, structural and cyclical unemployment. Frictional unemployment caused by the time people take to move between jobs. Structural unemployment is the portion of unemployment that is due to changes in the structure of the economy. Cyclical unemployment is the increase in unemployment that occurs during recessions and depressions.
According to the articles we found in Chicago Tribune,
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The companies believe the economy will revive soon and try to retain their workers in the meantime, avoid losing them to the competitors. The soccer world cup which starts on June 12 helps to decrease the unemployment since the companies need extra workers to deal with an expected influx of 600,000 foreign tourists. Besides that, Brazil may face the issue of scarce labour for the coming years. The economists point out the number of worker will continue to grow slowly because of the smaller number of children. The Brazil’s population is expected to start decreasing after…show more content…
In Brazil, the unemployment rate remains at 5% whereas the unemployment rate in US fallen to 5.5%. Both countries also caused by the increased of the discourage workers. Because of the low employment rate in US, the company in US must raise pay to find enough qualified workers. This problem also happened in Brazil, the companies are forced to pay the higher wages in order to find and retain the qualified worker. From the above data, we found that the low unemployment is not always a good condition but worse. The people who give up looking for a job is not considered as labour force and cause a decrease in unemployment. By the way, low unemployment does not mean the labour market is strong; it has to depend on the situations. In Malaysia, the unemployment rate is higher compare to US and Brazil. The unemployment in Malaysia keep increasing because of the high dependence on the cheap foreign labour. The young Malaysians workers be replaced by the cheap foreign labour and lead to an increase in the overall unemployment in

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