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POVERTY AND UNEMPLOYMENT: A CASE OF NAIROBI CITY A Reflection By: Jack Ong’iro Odeo ED/0274/2002 Presented to: Mr. Edward Bantu Department of Educational Psychology Faculty of Education Maseno University March 2005 Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the course PSY 310: Human Growth and Development 1.0 Introduction It is approximated that two million people live and work in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. Most of these people are young men and women. Kenya was once named as one of the fourteen emerging sub-Saharan countries with a prospect of sustainable take of as it had made efforts in removing macro-economic imbalances, relative price distortions and real exchange rate misalignment. That it had come to exhibit greater political stability. The changing nature of…show more content…
Unemployment rates have been increasing over the years. This has been attributed to a number of factors which have ked the government to initiate strategies for wealth and job creation. Dwindling economic situations close the does for new jobs. In such bad economic times many multinational companies have had to round up operations in Kenya for fear of total collapse while others have left due to political turbulence. Kenya subscribes fully to Structural Adjustment Programs (SAP) for development. These have had a negative effect on employment patters especially in the civil service where the SAPs have called for cut-backs on government spending with employment freeze and retrenchment being key strategies. Lending rates are out of reach of many people locking them out of self-employment. The local manufacturing industry including ‘Jua Kali’ sector has also not performed due to competition from cheap imports. Unemployment has many effects on individuals. The unemployed have high rate of mental ill health and distress of several

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