Effects Of Unemployment

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6.2 Unemployment According to Swanepoel (2016:7) unemployment is regarded as a source and effect of poverty in which people suffers from. It is a source because no job, no income. In addition, poor people cannot afford decent houses, nutritious food, medical aid and sending children to decent schools. Unemployment is the effect of poverty because weakness is caused by eating unhealthy food, poor housing and lack of access to education stop people from getting jobs. Unemployment is the effect of isolation. Long distance and lack of access of information due to poor communication means lead to the point where people do not know about available or advertised jobs. Poor people are powerless and vulnerable which makes it easy to be used by their employers. Employers find it easy to overwork vulnerable and defenceless people and pay them too little salary that cannot even satisfy basic needs such as food. Ndingaye (2010:17) states that high population is the cause of unemployment because companies and businesses can create jobs for people, however cannot cover the large growing number of unemployed population. Lack of skills and qualifications also contributes to the point where people cannot have decent jobs. 6.3 Water, drainage, and sewage According to Swanepoel (2016:8) lack of water and low standard of drainage results to major health issues. Scarcity of clean drinking water is a major symbol of poverty. Human beings particularly children lack health because of drinking
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