Unemployment: Cause And Effect Of Poverty

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6.2 Unemployment
According to Swanepoel (2016:7) unemployment is regarded as a source and effect of poverty in which people suffers from. It is a source because no job, no income. In addition, poor people cannot afford decent houses, nutritious food, medical aid and sending children to decent schools. Unemployment is the effect of poverty because weakness is caused by eating unhealthy food, poor housing and lack of access to education stop people from getting jobs. Unemployment is the effect of isolation. Long distance and lack of access of information due to poor communication means lead to the point where people do not know about available or advertised jobs. Poor people are powerless and vulnerable which makes it easy to be used by their
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Scarcity of clean drinking water is a major symbol of poverty. Human beings particularly children lack health because of drinking unclean water. People depending on river water are not safe because rain water flash dirty material into rivers which leads to diseases. Both people from rural suffers from water problem, even much worse in urban squatters because of high population. Ndingaye (2010:19) states that lack of infrastructural development in rural areas and urban squatters is the major cause why people should drink unclean water which is harmful to their health. Moreover, water scarcity keeps physically weak people weaker because of diseases like cholera cause by drinking dirty water. Lack of medical health make the condition worse and in the process a person lose weight. While losing the ability to walk, everyone in the family suffers without getting any help. Furthermore, Lack of clean water increase the possibilities of…show more content…
Another way of surviving from poverty is through moving from rural to urban areas for grant offered to help vulnerable population. Poor people eat unhealthy and innutritious food. However, health food is crucial for improving thinking and learning of children. Eating healthy food is important to pregnant mothers because eating innutritious food cause everlasting brain damage. Furthermore, scarcity of food result to physical weakness, vulnerability and powerlessness. Ndingaye (2010:20) states that food insecurity affects children more that they affect adults which results to the point where children’s body does not develop in an expected
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