The Pros And Cons Of Using Phones In School

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When talking about whether or not to use phones in school have very different opinions on how students use them. Some people don 't use their phones in class, but there are others who depend on them. In some cases using phones in school could actually be harmful to the safety of other classes. Phones can cause a distraction from the teacher whose teaching so they can give the students who actually do care, and education.

On the subject of why using phones in class could have a bad affect on how some students learn, even though some students benefit from using them like listening to music to help them focus. All though somes parents do think that phones affect their kids learning they might be right. Kids use their phones for many different
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Like in come cases kids work better with music so they can block out other kids and get their work done. Some teachers incorporate cell phone usage in their classes just like Amber Schaefer a elementary teacher in Minnesota, "We need to stop pushing against the technology and start embracing it. The more we push back, the more we separate ourselves from the students. It is time to incorporate and collaborate instead of ban and punish." As you can see other teachers incorporate the students phones in their learning. If teachers set certain rules like they don 't even want to see it out on your desk, it 's ridiculous it 's not hurting anything if it 's just sitting there. It 's just gonna push the students away it will make them want to go it more. If you just set some standard rules that can accommodate them too they will cooperate with the teachers. Giving that it could cause a distraction for some, but if people just try and create some activities to incorporate into class time they will that they are trusted to use them but for school work related. "It would be nice if they weren 't part of the school picture," adds New York teacher Barbara McConnell, "but they are, so let 's use them to our advantage." This quote says let 's use them to our advantage that is a better way to look at it besides looking at it as a distraction or even some type of cheating device which is very understandable but that 's why there are some boundaries on
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