Essay On Vagrancy In Trinidad

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Vagrancy is unceasingly on the rise in Trinidad and Tobago and all it takes is a casual walk through the streets to observe the extent of the issue. Vagrancy also referred to as ‘nowayrians’, ‘the homeless’ or ‘vagabond’ is defined as the state of occupying residence on the streets- a person who wanders from place to place without a home, employment or means of income. They usually occupy the area, littering the walkway with discarded cardboard boxes, mattresses and garbage bags they use for their makeshift shelters. The problem is not limited to the capital (Port- of-Spain) but also in the country’s urban centres like San- Fernando, San Juan, Sangre Grande, Curepe Junction, Tunapuna, Chaguanas to name a few. A vagrant lives by panhandling those who have the basic necessities to assist with anything they can provide for survival. Historically they have been pigeonholed as ‘objects of scorn or mistrust’ or ‘worthy of help or charity’ however, others show…show more content…
Although there have been efforts to clear them off the streets and provide medical care and basic support, even the CSDP seem to have been unsuccessful. The futility of exertions to resolve this major problem is seen at The Centre for Socially-Displaced People (CSDP) at Riverside Plaza, Port of Spain which was established under the People’s National Movement (PNM) administration in 1991. This organization was initially structured to provide assistance to the homeless people -beds to sleep at night, a bath, and a meal. The centre presently houses an indefinite number of long-term residents. It currently houses approximately 115 people, including drug addicts, the elderly, mentally ill and people who are HIV
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