Effects Of Victim Blaming In Rape Culture

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Victim Blaming in Rape culture
Remember the younger days when a younger sibling would get someone into trouble for something that they never did, and rather it was something that the younger sibling did? If that was bothersome to someone when they were younger imagine if that happened now. Surprisingly, this happens when someones older too, but not about simple things such as taking a treat when someone shouldn’t have. Many people blame for crimes that happened to them, and not the genuine criminal. Numerous women are assaulted in America, as well as all around the globe, and the worst part of this crime is that the women are the ones being rebuked for what happened to them. Victim blaming does not only happen in assaults against women, but also men who are also assaulted suffer the same accusations. So why is it that the victim’s of rape are blamed for something that was completely out of the victim 's control? Hayley Rose Horzepa states “Victim blaming however, is a huge part of our culture”. In this text Horzepa states people believe women are part of the cause of their raping. There are often excuses made as to why the victim of rape was raped rather than dealing with the crime itself and its perpetrator, and numerous authorities concentrate on the routes in which the exploited person is in charge of their own wrongdoings against them. There are numerous instances of assault in America that regularly end in the attacker getting a
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