Effects Of Video Games On Teenagers

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Endless Clicking: Effects of Video Games to Teenagers
With the fast growth of our technology, smartphones, game consoles, laptops are now cheaper. Video games are now more accessible than ever before. In just one click, they can now buy, download and install video games in their devices. However, these innovations were not here since the late 1940s.
According to the History of Video Games (n.d.), the foundation of video games lies in early cathode ray tube-based missile defense systems, and were later on revised into other simple games during the 1950s. There were more computer games developed by the late 1950s and through the 1960s, gradually increasing in sophistication and complexity. Although video games give entertainment and fun, they also give effects to teenagers. What are these effects? Are these effects helpful or destructive in the life of teenagers?
By definition, video games are interactive; players cannot passively surrender to a game’s storyline. Instead, video games are designed for players to actively engage with their systems and for these systems to, in turn, react to players’ agentive behaviors (Granic et al., 2014). Video games are now very popular - from adults, to kids and especially to teens. According to statistics, a total of $15.39 billion was spent on video games in the US last 2013 (Hinkle, 2013).
With the popularity of video games among teenagers, there are many genres or types of video games created. Content analyses by
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