Effects Of Video Games On Youth

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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TOPIC: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN VIDEO GAME ADDICTION WITH THE LEVELS OF DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, AND STRESS AMONG MANAGEMENT AND SCIENCE UNIVERSITY (MSU) STUDENTS. 1.1 INTRODUCTION The world of video games have stated itself as attractive and entertaining industry in this modern world. Since the technology become wider, the industry developed and brought effects towards our society especially to the youth and also children. This is because of the interest in video games can attack anyone, no matter youths and children, their level of playing game also will be increasing. We must monitoring and reminding each other to keep off this problem. As we know many of the top-selling video games have a lot of violence elements and harmful content, which have and can cause negative effects especially on young minds. The effects are depends on the way of a person depend on the video games and they maybe will give the effects of positive and also negative. This depends much of the age limit of the player who are play these games (Xue-min, 2009), (McCormick, 2001). In early ages of video games, they were used just for fun and entertainment and to reduce stress of daily life, but with passage of the time people got addicted to it, which generated in form of creating some bad habits, affects their families and social life as well. It implies that while playing video games have some positive good effects on the player but on the other hand, it also have negative

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