Effects Of Violence In Video Games

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Violence in video games Do violence in video games affect the minds of the users? Or even become more violent themselves. This is the most question asked by parents and many others. Some people say video games do make people more violent, others say it actually improves the brain and the way it thinks. All we know is one thing for certain, video games do affect the user in some way. The only question left is if video games affect the user positively or negatively. To be able to answer this question we have to look at what video games have to offer, and if it outweighs the negative effect of violence. We can say for certain the all video games where made for at least one purpose, to provide the user with entertainment. To be able to let the user experience things that seem unreal, or things that the user may not have experienced in their life. Such as death, loss, and adventure. You can even find people becoming emotionally attached with a character that are just an organized list of code. But in video games their is a way to interact with these people. The same thing happens when you feel hatred to the antagonist of the story and the people who follow him. so let 's take a game for an example. Sleeping dogs is a third person shooter that takes place in Hong Kong, the user plays as an undercover cop in a gang. This game does offer a lot of graphic violence which makes this game a great example for violence in video games. As the story progresses the side characters, like
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