Effects Of Violent Role Playing Games For Young People

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Argument Essay Violent role playing games are good for young people Have you ever been in that moment when you keyed in? You are playing a violent role play game like Fortnite and you are in the top ten concentrating so hard to win the game. Your heart is racing you have to tone everything down so you can concentrate and be aware of every surrounding near you. This has happened to you if you have played games like PubG or Fortnite and many more violent role play games. Have you wondered. What do these kinds of games do to kids minds, do they harm them or are they good for them? If you are one of those parents who take away video games from your kids then you need to stop. These violent role playing games have many great effects on young people. But they can also have bad effects if you don’t play them properly. These violent role playing games are great for young people because they teach kids great strategy, they teach you how to problem solve, and they also teach you great life lessons sometimes. This is why violent role playing games are great for young people. There are many ways that Violent role playing games are great for teenagers and young people, but one way that stands out from all the others, that reason is because these games help children strategize and navigate things. Strategy is a big part in being good at a violent video game, because when you are playing violent games then you are always on the line of life or death and you definitely want to win the
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