Effects Of Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems

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Video games can cause behavior problems Name: Institute: Course Title: Instructor: Date: Video games can cause behavior problems Introduction Video games do have an effect on people’s behaviors and can cause behavior problems on children. However, these effects have been found to be both positive and negative, depending on the type and content of the video game. For instance, violent video games and educative video games have different effects on people. Age is also a factor. Children are more influenced more psychologically by these video games than adults and this may lead to behavior problems if exposed to violent and highly sexual explicit video games with no control. According to Brad Bushman, a psychology professor from Ohio University, says research shows that violent media (e.g. violent video games) is harmful to the children though there was no direct connection to their aggressiveness in real life (Bushman, 2014). This paper focuses on how video games do cause behavior problems among children and even adults. Effect of violent video games on Children’s behavior For a long time, research on the effect of violent video games on people especially children have been sparse and weak. However, the current research findings have shown a clear connection between children’s exposure to violence in video games and anti-social behaviors such as extreme aggressiveness in real life (Anderson& Gentile, 2006). Those children exposed to more violent video games have
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