Effects Of Violent Video Games

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In the recent years, 97% of the teens in the world are playing video games, and sales of video games are growing (ProCon, 2008). Video games are being sold all over the world and every year video games industry bring nearly 10 billion dollars each year. Video games is a popular thing now every young and old people play a video game. In the past, video games was not as famous as now it was something normal to people but, also it was a new thing to people when it was discovered. However, these video games have many types like FPS games, RPG games, MMO games, console games and also other types of video games. One type that is being a problem these days is the Violent video games. These kind of video games are affecting our children in a bad way. The effects of Violent video games can be grouped into three main headings: behavior, health and poor academic performance. One of the leading effects of video games is behavior problems. This is one of the worst problems that children are having now. Video games can affect our behavior in many ways but these violent video games are making the gamers behavior really bad. Violent video games are all about killing, shooting guns, and other types Violence. But playing video games is an active thing because people can learn better when they are actively involved in something. Moreover, Violent video games is all about a bad character or a police but still you are shooting bad people so if the video game is first person they person playing
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