Essay On Effects Of Volunteering

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Health and well-being effects of volunteering on the volunteer

Volunteering is something upright that you do for someone else without getting something in return. Anyone in this world can volunteer and contribute some goodness in this world; however, the effect of this great act on the person differs from one another depending on why they are volunteering. People who sincerely volunteer for the reason that they want to help others are the ones who really benefit from this great deed. Volunteering affects the people who do it in many ways like in their health, social life, education and awareness. Most of the time, regularly volunteering people have a better working skills and habits, physical and psychological health and well-being than the people who don’t.
Volunteering regularly has many amazing psychological effects on the volunteer. Volunteering people are more contented with their life, and those who volunteer score 24% higher on a life satisfaction scale compared to those who don’t. [1]. Statistics show that people who
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For instance some of the psychological effects of volunteering are increasing life satisfaction, decreasing depression and becoming more confident. As for the physical effects, there is the growth of life expectancy for volunteering elders. There are many work-related things that the volunteer gains while volunteering, like creativity, responsibility, problem-solving, flexibility and ethical thinking. However, what I think of as the most important effect volunteering has is that whoever does it solely because he or she wants to help desperate people, becomes a more of a better person throughout his or her whole journey through volunteering. Being able to help people who are in need is a blessing god gave to people who are probably kind, honest and caring. Volunteering can never be helping unless you sincerely do it out of kindness and a little bit of
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