Effects Of Waste Disposal

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Removal of debris becoming more common since lately. If waste disposal through the proper channels certainly will not pose a problem to the environment. Disposal is one example cast in the sea will have a major impact, not only to humans but to all living things in the water. This is because, practically, approximately 50-80 percent of life on this earth is aquatic. Not many people are aware and know how important the aquatic environment. Many are more concerned about illegal logging in the forest while the animals in the water also need protection and care in ensuring the wildlife and their habitat is maintained. Widespread waste disposal is a problem that cannot be overestimated. This is because, the attitude of some people who throw garbage into the sea will have an impact and the effect is very large.…show more content…
Waste such as plastic, water bottles, straws and so on we all know these materials cannot be digested and can cause the animals in the sea died. Marine animals would assume that plastic water bottle and a straw is devoured. Therefore, they will eat this waste will in turn cause choking, cannot be digested and eventually they die. There is also the case a few months ago, where a turtle was rescued when a straw sticking out of his nose. If no rescue parties, possibly turtle was going to die so soon. Plastic bottles of water is not only a threat to fish, turtles and other even interferes with daily activities such as feeding them and swim with other fish. Plastic existence of so many obscure and affect their

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