Effects Of Water Pollution

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Now a day’s water pollution is a major and most important problem due to discharge of untreated industrial effluents into nearby water bodies [36, 37]. Water pollution problem is present in both developing and developed countries. Human activities are major contributors to water pollution. The polluting substances include pathogenic organisms, plant nutrients that stimulate algal blooms, inorganic and organic toxic substances [38]. Water used in every industry and effluent is disposed to the environment leading to the surface and ground water pollution [39].
Water is a perfectly transparent, colourless, tasteless and odourless, liquid at normal temperature and chemically neutral in reactions and a universal solvent for many compounds. Water quality is check by checking its physical, chemical and biological characteristics. Water pollution is generally defined as change in the physical or chemical or biological characteristics that adversely effects living organisms in the environment [37].
2.2.1 Biodegradable Organic Substances
When organic waste is discharged into water bodies like stream, estuary or lake, dissolved oxygen present in the water is consumed due to the oxidation of organic matter by microorganisms [40]. If waste is more biodegradable then the rate of oxidation more also consumption of oxygen more. The organic content is calculated by measuring the amount of oxygen consumed during oxidation of organic matter,

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