Effects Of Water Pollution In Guyana

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Despite their different sources, both mining waste and agro-chemical waste pollute the water in Guyana. Agricultural activity has always been an important economic driver in Guyana, most significantly along the low coastal plain, alongside the coastline bordering the ocean and in between large rivers and waterways. It can be said then, that agricultural activity is very closely intertwined with the water environment. Pesticides, weedicides and fertilizers have been used in all agricultural activity primarily for better yields and profits, but this has also had negative effects of contributing to pollution of the water ways. This occurs through a combination of leaking, surface run off and disposal directly into the waterways (Abdullah and Bacchus).…show more content…
This plant overgrowth is caused mostly from agro-chemicals run-off .Eutrophication as a result of agro-chemical influence stands in stark contrast to land stripping, deforested and sometimes desertification effect that mining waste has on plant life. The act of clearing of land for preparation of mining, the mining activity itself effectively decimates all vegetation and plant life in the area. Mining waste also has the effect of damaging, vegetation in neighbouring locations also. Even though in the former case, plant magnified, and the latter destroyed, both have the effect creating an imbalance in the environment, damaging the eco-systems, sometimes irreversibly most times requiring great efforts to correct and almost always affecting the lives of living things including humans…show more content…
In the previous paragraph where eutrophication was discussed as an effect of agro-chemical pollution, another effect of the phenomenon is the aesthetic damage that is does to the waterways. A contrast can be made with a small canal populated with handfuls of water lilies here and there, water flowing gracefully through the stems and with a weed chocked canal thick with vegetation, water long turned stagnant, black and dead. This is a familiar site along some parts of the coast line where the vast majority of the populace resides. A larger more horrible sight awaits anyone who dares venture into the mining district areas of the country located miles inland and away from civilisation. There a visitor would be greeted with vast swathes of desolate, emaciated land and blocked, dirty and empty rivers left by mining activities. These dead areas intersperse the virgin rainforest that still holds it natural beauty of an unbroken canopy and crystal rivers

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