Electrolysis Essay

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Chapter I
A. Background of the Study Last 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a study that 58% of groundwater in the Philippines is contaminated with coliform bacteria and should be treated. There are 2.2 million metric tons of organic pollution that happens in the Philippines each year. Each kind of pollutant have negative effects, that harm human health and the environment. Water is a major component of living matter and is essential for living. Diarrhea is estimated to cause 1.5 million deaths per year, mostly among children under five years old, living in developing countries. There were 2.7 billion people without access to basic sanitation in 2015 (World Health Organization, 2015). There are three types
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A common misconception about electrolysis is that ‘ions are attracted to the oppositely-charged electrode’. This is true only in the very thin interfacial region near the electrode surface.
B. Statement of the Problem The study entitled ‘Enhancing Purification of River Water Through Electrolysis’ is conducted to test the feasibility to purify river water through electrolysis.
Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions:
1. Is there a significant difference in the heterotrophic plate count of the river water samples from controlled and treated groups?
2. Is there a significant difference in the coliform count of the river water samples from controlled and treated groups?
3. Is there a significant difference in the Escherichia coliform count of the river water samples from controlled and treated
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In the Philippines alone, chemical pollution is rapidly taking its toll on our limited supply of fresh water. The research is about making an innovative way of purifying water by electrolysis. Its main concern is the cleanliness and the process of purifying water, which will be using and analyzing tap water that is commonly used for drinking.
E. Scope and Limitations This research was about enhancing purification of river water through electrolysis. Its main concern was the capability of electrolysis and filtration to make river water as drinking water. Water is one of the necessities of humans. And with the help of this study, people would be able to purify and consume a clean river water. The water analysis only tested for the total count of bacteria present in the water, either treated or not. This study had undergone two months of preparation to test the capability of electrolysis in making purified river water. River water samples were tested at the Food and Nutrition Research Institute. Five samples were collected, to have an accurate results as a proof that the river water can be used as drinking water, by means of

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