Effects Of Water Pollution

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1.1 Industrial Wastewater Pollution

In recent year due to the development in many industries such as light and heavy industries, it bring the higher potential effect to the environment. Even thought, these industries can give the benefits to the economy around the world, but the creation of the pollutant from these industries will produce the large amount of waste that harmful to human and environment. There are many kind of pollution likes water, air, noise and soil pollution that come out from the increasing of development industries. Water pollution one of the serious problem that arise where it can give biggest impact to the human, environment and other living thing as the water is a basic need for human, animals and plant.

Water pollution is the serious ecological threat that should to be overcome as well as to reduce the pollution. The toxic substances dissolved in the water bodies like oceans and rivers caused the water become more polluted and will degrade the water quality as well. In other hand, the contaminated water also will hazardous to the human health as the water is use in daily routine activities such as washing and drinking. It is not only effect to the human life, but the water pollution also will effect to the other living thing especially the aquatic ecosystems.

Water pollution can be caused in a numbers of ways, one of the biggest contributing to the water pollution is industrial wastewater. Industrial wastewater such as in textile

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