Effects Of Wealth Disparity

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Wealth Disparity
Trey Russell
GEN499: General Education Capstone
Professor Dr. William Stowe
January 22, 2018

Introduction: Wealth disparity is a phenomenon between the wealthy and low-income that divides us by our earnings. In countless articles, it has been proven that the disparities of wealth have affected not only your country, nation, or community, it is affecting everyone, everywhere. The effects of this wide ranged gap of wealth have not been without consequences. By studying families’ income, social backgrounds, age, sex, and racial/ethnic groups, it has been concluded that these consequences have a negative effect on low-income families. It is important to further research this topic to find more solutions
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Kharas explains that the middle-class is the backbone of societies and conquers market spending. Through line and bar graphs, he explains through GDP and PPP (in trillions) the emerging success of economies throughout the 2000s. Kharas also gives analytical data on the size of the middle class and its counterparts, with estimates into 2030. The data analyzed shows that the middle-class will continue to expand, changing the distribution of middle-class spending, effecting global markets. Kharas concludes with stating, with this inclusive growth there will be continued widening of income and opportunity inequality. The barriers these create must be forcefully tackled while preserving the benefits of this emerging class.
Annotation 2: Reference: The role of global companies in bridging wealth disparity. (2016). Vital Speeches of the Day, (10). 315. http://search.ebscohost.com.proxy-library.ashford.edu/login.aspx?direct=true&db=edsgao&AN=edsgcl.465622516&site=eds-live&scope=site Annotation: The purpose of this article is to explain what global companies should, and need to do, to bridge wealth disparity. The former CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, Kent Muhtar goes on to explain that wealth disparity is rising within communities and nations. Muhtar states that “I certainly believe multinational businesses can and must help bridge this gap.” He goes on to
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Net worth was used as a measure of wealth and this team went on to use logistics to analytically test their hypothesis. In this study they studied three different racial/ethnic groups: Hispanic, white, and black. They got details of their wealth such as the value of their vehicle, checking account total, savings account, primary residence, retirement funds, mutual funds/stocks, debts, etc. This study shows the prevalence of wealth disparity and how it is affecting racial/ethnic groups. In conclusion, they found that wealth differentials within these groups were significantly associated with health disparities. This shows the importance of measuring wealth when analyzing health disparities within these racial/ethnic
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